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RobotlegsJS is a architecture-based IoC framework for JavaScript/TypeScript. This version is a direct port from the ActionScript 3.0 codebase. See the motivation behind it.

Right now, this framework has extensions for pixi.js v5, easeljs, openfl, phaser-ce v2 and phaser v3.

Would you like to integrate RobotlegsJS core with another HTML5/JavaScript framework or library? Send us a message through Gitter or Email.

You can also fork our RobotlegsJS Framework repository to submit pull requests with your suggestions of new extensions or plugins. Please read our contributing guidelines to know more.




There are plenty of frameworks and patterns out there that helps you to write DOM-based applications. There is no scalable solution yet to architecture a canvas-based application though.

Robotlegs has proven itself of being a mature solution from the ActionScript community for interactive experiences.